Helping Change Succeed...

Assess, Evaluate and Plan the Change

  • Advise leadership on change and transformation strategy
  • Evaluate change complexity, organization-wide capacity for change and risk of change saturation
  • Assess for cultural alignment to the future state
  • Gauge sponsor and leadership readiness to succeed in their change initiatives
  • Gain insight to the impact on stakeholders as well as how ready they are for the changes
  • Discover the likely areas of resistance
  • Assess risks and develop mitigation approaches
  • Build the change team from sponsor to practitioner
  • Define the business metrics to track the expected benefits

Manage the Change

  • Advise leaders in their role as sponsor
  • Coach managers to be agents of change
  • Support employees on how to cope during times of change
  • Engage employees and involve the organization in developing the future state
  • Position managers as key communicators
  • Align organizational structure, systems and performance assessment processes to the change
  • Develop communications with honesty, consistency and clarity for all
  • Use branding to create an identity for the change
  • Incorporate feedback loops and get the inside track on the “grapevine”
  • Apply training to build the skills people need to succeed
  • Define processes with enough clarity to reduce the ambiguity that rises quickly during high periods of change

Sustain the Change

  • Build "change networks” to support people through the transition
  • Measure success by monitoring the new behaviours that show the right new habits are formed
  • Reinforce the new behaviours using feedback, rewards and celebrations
  • Incorporate accountability at all levels
  • Seek the emotional side of change to inspire people to adopt

Project Management, Facilitation & Risk Management Services

  • Build project plans for task execution
  • Provide online project management tools to support team collaboration
  • Define and set up the governance structure needed for program oversight
  • Track and manage project plans to keep initiatives on track
  • Facilitation of impactful workshops to collaborate and make decisions
  • Training that teaches your leaders and managers how to manage during times of change
  • Develop webinar programs to share your knowledge and expertise internally or externally with customers or business partners
  • Develop a comprehensive risk management program for your change initiatives, including risk recognition, tracking, mitigation planning and governance